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Gambling turns into a stroke of luck – How a crypto expert came to Bitcoin

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Joel Birch made losses at blackjack, but discovered cryptocurrencies as a result.

Joel Birch, a co-founder of the Stacked crypto trading platform, explains how he came across Bitcoin ( BTC ) by chance through gambling

„Back then I bought Bitcoin so that I could play blackjack online,“ Birch said in an interview with Cointelegraph. And further: „At this point, Bitcoin Up review was just under 250,000 US dollars, and if I calculate with the current rate, I lost several hundred thousand dollars through blackjack in 2015.“

From 2015 to 2017, Bitcoin had indeed achieved an astronomical price development , through which the cryptocurrency climbed from $ 200 to almost $ 20,000. The losses that Birch suffered through online gambling in 2015 soon became heavier than originally thought.

However, Bitcoin was also a stroke of luck for today’s crypto expert, because by simply buying the crypto currency and its price development, it made significantly more profit than with gambling.

Birch adds:

“One of the reasons I was excited about Bitcoin as an investment product was because I saw how much money I can make if I don’t use the Bitcoin I bought from Coinbase for gambling, but just leave it. „

One day he would have noticed when looking at his Bitcoin funds, which he actually only wanted to use to play blackjack, that their value had increased by 30%. „That was the first time that it really clicked for me,“ as the expert recaps. At that moment, he said he really became aware of the great potential of cryptocurrencies.

Many of today’s crypto experts have followed a similarly unusual path into the industry. Chris Maurice, the managing director of the Yellow Card crypto exchange, used to sell Bitcoin on eBay, for example .